Insulspan Structural Insulated Panels for Roof applications

The Insulspan Structural Insulating Panel (SIP) system consists of performance rated oriented strand board (OSB) structurally laminated to a core of insulation. Insulspan SIPs provides building owners with a proven method of constructing walls and roofs resulting in real energy cost savings while adding resale value to the building. Insulspan SIPs use closed-cell rigid EPS insulation cores which helps reduce air leakage and thermal bridging by providing a continuous layer of thermal insulation in both wall and roof assemblies.

• Ready to assemble system
• Energy Efficiency Construction
• Reduced site time due to faster installation
• On-staff design team
• Advisors and installers available
• Code Listed in US and Canada
• Free Project estimation


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Insulspan SIPS used in commercial construction for wall and roof applications Insulspan SIPS used in residential construction for wall and roof applications Insulspan SIP roofs provide energy efficiency and quick installation times