what are icfs

The Advantage ICF System are easy to assemble and quick to install.

The Advantage ICF System® is an insulating concrete form which combines two panels of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) with a patented ICF web and interlock to become the form for cast-in-place concrete.

The Advantage ICF System® provides home owners with a superior, affordable method of constructing the building envelope that provides long-term energy cost savings and adds resale value to their home.

As a homeowner, there are multiple reasons to build, add-on, or renovate with Advantage ICFs.

Features of our insulating concrete forming system include:
►More energy efficient
►Reduced sound transmission
►Resistant to storms and high wind
►Larger windows, longer floor spans
►Fast, year round construction
►Superior insulation
►Fewer Sub trades
►Local trusted retailer/dealer
►One stop shopping for all building materials

Benefits you'll experience:
►Lower utility costs
►Environmentally responsible way to build
►Comfort, privacy
►Safe and secure
►Flexibility in design
►Versatile interior decoration options
►Convenient construction schedules
►Comfortable living with warm consistent temperatures throughout the house

The Advantage ICF System® provides an insulated concrete wall assembly creating a safe, quiet and comfortable living environment:

• Monolithic concrete wall reduces sound transmission
• Reinforced concrete wall resists damage from the most severe weather
• Superior thermal resistance reduces energy used for heating and cooling, saving you money while helping the environment

Effective Thermal Resistance

A poorly insulated wall above or below grade can account for more than 50% greater energy use to heat or cool a building. The graphs provided illustrate comparison of the effective thermal resistance provided by walls constructed with the Advantage ICF System® wall versus walls constructed with wood frame wall and cavity insulation.