Plasti-Fab  Radon Guard Insulation

Radon Guard™ insulation is a patent-pending sub-slab depressurization panel. Radon Guard allows for soil gas removal, insulates the concrete slab and provides a capillary break between the ground and the air barrier system.

• CCMC Evaluation Report 13698-R confirms that the interconnected channels on the underside of Radon Guard insulation provide the required means to direct soil gas to a radon gas mitigation system.

• Radon Guard insulation panels installed under a concrete slab allow for the collection of radon gas within the sub-slab space to that it can then be exhausted through a radon mitigation system rather than entering the building.

• Radon Guard insulation is the code compliant one-to-one replacement for a 100 mm thick layer of granular material, the prescriptive solution required by building codes.


Radon Guard Insulation brochure

Plasti-Fab Radon Guard insulation for residential construction Plasti-Fab Radon Guard insulation for commercial construction