6” 90 degree corner height adjuster  Advantage ICF Block

The Advantage ICF 6” 90 degree height adjuster block has all the same great features as the standard 90 degree corner, only in a height adjuster version to allow for varying wall heights that meet your building requirements. Do you want 9 foot high ceilings? No problem, height adjuster allows you to easily build to your preferred ceiling height.

Product Dimensions:
Height: 191 mm (7.5")
Width: 286 mm (11.25")
Length: 540 mm x 235 mm (21.25" x 19.25")

Shipping: Cubed in packages of 24.

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Advantage ICF Foundations have been around for decades The lightweight nature of the Advantage ICF blocks allow for speedy installation and easy handling Advantage ICF Blocks snap together using the patented interlock technology for straight, strong walls